I was reading this book the other night and in it they described God’s love with this line, “God’s love overcomes all of our sin, our despair, and our illusions.” 

It’s a pretty standard line, something that we’ve likely heard dozens of times before, except for that final portion, “… and our illusions”. 

When I first read it I automatically thought of something like this, probably because I used to do lots of magic tricks myself:


Obviously, the author didn’t mean this type of illusion.  While I’m sure God can figure out even the best magic tricks, I don’t think that God spends much time debunking those types of illusions.  

I think that what God is more concerned with is overcoming the types of illusions that we ourselves concoct.  Illusions like:

“If I just get enough stuff I’ll be happy”

“I can handle this by myself”

“No one really cares about me”

“I’m better than those people”

“I can’t make a difference”

“God has abandoned me.”

And the list goes on… Part of the reason for all these illusions is simply because of the type of environment we live in.  The world we live in bombards us with thousands of messages a day, quite often, this is where the illusions come from.  If we see that McDonald’s ad with everyone smiling and laughing enough times we begin to believe that a Big Mac is the very thing that will make us happy. 

“For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.” Romans 6:14

I’d like to make a small change to those words from Romans, try this out: “For your illusions shall no longer be your master because you are not controlled by the world’s illusions, but by grace”.  

God promises to overcome all of the illusions that we believe; God promises to guide us into a better way of life.  When we put our trust In God and define our lives by what God says (and not by what the world says) we discover a new way of life.  A life free from the disappointment, despair, and pain brought on by believing illusions.  

May we discover a new, more vibrant life in God, a life free from sin, despair, and illusions. Amen.  

Nate Preisinger