The Goodness of Creating


Some of you may have seen this video before, but undoubtedly many of you will be surprised by the link that follows.  This is the opening credits to a sitcom called “Rememberin’ You”, an internet show that my roommates and I tried to create in the Spring of 2009:  


Unfortunately, this is as far as the our show got.  While many plot ideas were tossed around, and an entire script written for episode one, we never completed anything beyond the opening credits.  

Part of me is still a little disappointed, because as you can see from this short clip, we had a hit on our hands.  But now when I think back on all the work that went into “Rememberin’ You”-- the entire process of writing and recording the theme song, thinking up the characters and the scenes for the opening credits, the filming of all those brief shots -- when I think about all of that, I’m thankful for the entire process.  The real joy of “Rememberin’ You” isn’t in having this silly youtube link to share, rather the real joy is found in all the memories I have of that Spring as we created this show.  

“And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.”  - Genesis 1:9-10

When I think about the creation poem that we find in the beginning of the book of Genesis, I love the reoccurring phrases that are used.  In the first chapter of Genesis the author takes us through the seven days of creation and each day is described with the same language: “… God said, let there be (fill-in-the-blank)... and it was good.”  

This phrasing is jam-packed with meaning and wisdom.   Notice that everything created is never described as “perfect” or “flawless” it is simply described as “good”.  Whenever I create something I am inevitably frustrated because the idea I had in my mind is never quite how the finished product turns out.  I thought “Rememberin’ You” was going to be a viral internet sensation, with episodes upon episodes of sitcom hilarity.  Instead, there is a minute and a half opening credits video.  But you know what? That video, and the creation of that video is good.

The creation poem in the first chapter of Genesis pushes me to be thankful for how good “Rememberin’ You” actually is, rather than being disappointed that it wasn’t perfect.    And not only that, but Genesis 1 challenges me to always be thankful for the goodness of the creation process; it pushes me to see the act of creating as something profoundly good.  

When we create beautiful artwork, or meaningful poems, or silly internet sitcoms, the very act of bringing something new to life is good.  Even if that artwork, or poetry, or sitcom is never as perfect as we had hoped, the very act of creating is a deeply meaningful and a spiritual process that has the power to put us more closely in touch with God.

May we embrace the goodness of creating, and may this process of creating bring us closer to God, our Creator.  Amen. 

Nate Preisinger