What I Learned from Space Jam

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One of my favorite movies as a kid was Space Jam.  And for good reason, it had aliens, Looney tunes, Wayne Night, Bill Murray, and of course, Michael Jordan.  If you’re unfamiliar with Space Jam- go rent it! (waiting for you to find a movie rental place that’s still open…) okay, now watch it! (waiting for you to watch the movie)

All finished? Good.

My guess is, you didn’t actually take the time to rent and watch Space Jam, or maybe you did and you’ve already forgotten what it was about.  I’m not going to give a full review, but here’s what you need to know for the sake of this devotional: 

The Monstars are playing the Looney Tunes in a very important basketball game.  Michael Jordan is playing on the Looney Tune team, but at halftime the Looney Tunes are losing badly to the Monstars.  

The Looney Tunes are feeling defeated and hopeless, they can’t possibly beat the Monstars.  That’s when this happens... 


Michael Jordan (with the help of Bugs Bunny) convinces the Looney Tunes that his “Secret Stuff” will give them a needed boost. 

What the Looney Tunes don’t realize is that they are just drinking water, they really think it is “Secret Stuff” with magical powers that will help them win the important basketball game. 

Have you ever wished that you had some form of “Secret stuff”?  Some type of magical potion that can give you the needed energy, strength, talent, or wisdom to work through a seemingly impossible situation?  I know I have.  But the thing is, the world doesn’t really work like that.  Rarely, if ever, is there a magic bullet for difficult situations.  

In Space Jam, even though the “Secret Stuff” is just water, it actually works.  The Looney Tunes battle back and win the basketball game against the Monstars. 

The reason the Secret Stuff works isn’t because it’s actually magical, but because it caused the Looney Tunes to change their perspective.   Until that moment everything seemed hopeless for The Tune Squad.  But the Secret Stuff gave them a different perspective, it allowed them to adjust their mindset and approach the game with new confidence.  

Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world.”  John 18:36

Throughout Jesus’ ministry he talks about the Kingdom of God.  Through his actions and words and miracles, Jesus reveals to the world a different type of Kingdom-- a different perspective for understanding and looking at life.  The shift of perspective that Jesus is constantly inviting us to make.  We don’t have to sit around waiting for a magic bullet to save us.  Maybe all we need is to shift our perspective and approach life with a different mindset--in a ways that Jesus would: 

Instead of repaying violence with violence, Jesus invites us to choose peace. Instead of repaying hate with hate, Jesus invites us to choose love. Instead of repaying greed with greed, Jesus invites us to choose generosity.  

Jesus invites us to change our perspective and to discover new life by following him.  

May we discover a new perspective in Jesus.  Amen. 

Nate Preisinger