Rev. Nathaniel D Preisinger

Rev. Nathaniel Preisinger grew up near Albany, NY and attended St. Olaf College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion in 2008.  While at St. Olaf, Nate met his wife Amanda; the two were married in August of 2009 and have three children, Evelyn (7), Solomon (5), and Miriam (1).  

Following his college graduation, Nate completed his theological studies through Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa where Nate earned a Certificate in Theological Education for Emerging Ministries and a Master of Divinity.  Nate served as a Mission Developer for Organic Faith (2008-2015) and as the pastor of Parkside Lutheran Church in Buffalo, NY (2011-2015). 

Following his time in Buffalo, Nate accepted a position as the Director of Admissions at United Lutheran Seminary (formerly The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia) and then in early 2018, accept a call to serve as Reformation's pastor.  

As a pastor, Nate cares deeply about connecting people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Additionally, Nate is passionate about creating creative and meaningful worship experiences, spiritual formation, discipleship, and contemplative practice.  

In his free time Nate enjoys writing, reading, running, and becoming more politically engaged.  He also loves spending time with his children, doing science experiments, art projects, creating new games, and reading books.

Pastor Nate would love to hear from you and meet with you!  Contact him at:  nate.preisinger@gmail.com    215-548-4332 ex 202